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Add a layer of antimicrobial protection to screens, buttons and other shared surfaces. Select your size below.

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Protecting shared surfaces from the spread of infectious disease can be quite the challenge. Our anti-microbial copper film is superior in many key attributes including an advanced adhesive technology, layered product structure and improved durability during every day use. You can select your exact size here to add a layer of protection to screens, buttons and other shared surfaces.

Product Features

  • 99.9% Copper film – no topcoat
  • Translucent film allows for visibility
  • PE (polyethylene) core
  • Removable adhesive w/ residue free removability for up to one year
  • Anti-microbial effectiveness until physical damage to film
  • Scratch resistant during normal use
  • Easily cleaned with almost any cleaner (Bleach, Alcohol, etc.)

Effectiveness of Copper

  • Bacteria recognizes copper-ion on the film surface as essential nutrients and absorbs it into its cell.
  • The absorbed copper-ion penetrates the cell membrane, causing the cell to lose its nutrients and water.
  • Copper-ion pulls the active oxygen through the penetrated hole of the cell membrane.
  • Causes disruption of the metabolic functions of the host bacteria, eventually leading to its complete extinction.

Want to learn more? Check out our PDF Fact Sheet.


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